Alessandra Greceanu

2021 Senior Fellow, Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative

Alessandra Greceanu is a 2021 Senior Fellow at Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative (ALI) and 2020 Cohort Fellow. Prior to ALI, Alessandra Greceanu was a judge at the United Nations Dispute Tribunal, the first instance of the organization’s internal justice system, having been elected by and appointed to this position by the U.N. General Assembly. An expert in international humanitarian law, employment law, comparative law, intellectual property law, mediation/arbitration, and refugee law, she previously was a judge in the Romanian justice system, most notably at the Court of Appeal of Bucharest for 16 years. She is a judge trainer in labor, refugee, and European Union law at Romania’s National Institute of Magistracy, and was a national judge trainer in refugee law, an independent expert of the European Commission in civil and refugee law, and worked in the field of international legal procedure, standards, and instruments both in Romania and in the EU.

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