Annette Zou

Systems Strategy Designer, Stanford ChangeLabs

Annette is a system designer and strategist at ChangeLabs, working to advance Systems Transformation approaches and is one of the few experts in systems innovation who is well versed in System Acupuncture®. She has worked with organizations such as UNDP, The Nature Conservancy, USAID, WWF, Vinnova, and is involved in programs transforming food system norms towards regenerative practices, developing systems innovation culture for addressing the SDGs, and promoting distributed innovation in vulnerable communities. Annette also lectures at Stanford University on systems transformation and leadership.

Annette has a background in human centered innovation in the Australian public sector, game design, and cultural studies. Her particular interest in game design led to building gamification and game inspired systems to enhance the design of organizational culture. She is working to expand this field of work for broader application in system design.

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