Audrey Battu

Director of Essential Medicines, Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc.

Audrey Battu is the Director of Essential Medicines at the Clinton Health Access Initiative, (CHAI). As director, Audrey is responsible for increasing the use of treatments for pediatric diarrhea and pneumonia, including access to medical oxygen across high-burden countries. The program has a strong track record of increasing diarrhea treatment rates at scale, and expanded to include pneumonia treatment in 2015. Audrey’s work on access to medical oxygen expanded rapidly in 2020 in the wake of the global pandemic, and she has supported a number of countries to scale up their access to medical oxygen. Audrey’s research work includes studies of oxygen systems in Ethiopia and Nigeria, and increasing pediatric treatment of diarrhea in Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda.

Audrey joined CHAI in 2009 and prior to her role in Essential Medicines, she worked in global operations, focusing on CHAI’s people management, including staff development, recruitment, and compliance. Audrey represents CHAI in a variety of global working groups focused on child health. Audrey also serves in several community organizations, including Duxbury for All, a group focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Audrey and her husband are raising three wonderful children and still figuring out what it means to be a multiracial family in America. Audrey has a BA from Gordon College and an MPA from Northeastern University.

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