Elizabeth Vaquera

Executive Director, Associate Professor of Sociology, Public Policy, Public Administration, Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute

Dr. Elizabeth Vaquera is the Executive Director of the Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute and Associate Professor of Sociology and Public Policy and Public Administration at the George Washington University. Her research focuses on vulnerable and diverse groups, particularly Latinos/as and immigrants. Her work analyzes the character and importance of immigrant status, race, and ethnic identity in outcomes such as education, health, and emotional and social well-being. In her role as Executive Director of the Cisneros Institute, she translates her research into practice by designing and leading programs for Latinx youth and young adults. In addition to an extensive body of work published in leading peer-reviewed journals, she is the co-author of several books and the recipient of several federal grants by the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.‍

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