Flavia Faugeres

Founder, LearntoFly

Flavia Faugeres is currently attending the Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University, an academic program focused on social impact for experienced leaders. Flavia is the founder of Learntofly, a start-up web-based platform providing global reach for youth to access mentors, facilitate meaningful connections, and utilize social emotional development tools for personal and professional growth.

Prior to Learntofly, Flavia was the CEO for Brazil and the executive vice president of BRF Global, one of the world’s largest producers of poultry and pork products. Previously she served as Global Chief Marketing of Burger King Corporation, senior partner of N-Ideias, a marketing consultancy, Global Vice President of insights and research at AB-Inbev, and in market research at Unilever. In her business career, she has been an advocate for food safety, quality and access, and for increased leadership opportunities for women.

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