Judith McKenzie

Associate Professor, Disability Studies Division, University of Cape Town

Dr. Judith McKenzie is an associate professor in the Disability Studies Division at the University of Cape Town in the Department of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. She convenes the Disability Studies in Education course in the postgraduate diploma in Disability Studies and supervises masters and doctoral students. She was the principal investigator responsible for the successful completion in August 2020 of the Teacher Empowerment for Disability Inclusion (TEDI) project, in collaboration with CBM, co-funded by CBM and the European Union. Currently she is director of the research unit, Including Disability in Education in Africa (IDEA) which aims to promote the inclusion of disability in education at all levels, both formal and informal, in Africa and beyond, to ensure no-one is left behind in the pursuit of equitable quality education and lifelong learning. She has worked in the field of inclusive education for over 20 years at all levels of the education system and has published extensively on this and other topics. She is the mother of a young man with Down Syndrome and has an intense interest and engagement with issues surrounding intellectual disability on both personal and professional levels. She views inclusion as an issue of social justice and equity, within an  intersectional framework that recognises the overlapping systems of discrimination race, class, disability and gender and other identity markers.

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