Lila Igram

Founder / Executive Director, ConnectHER

Lila Igram has spent the last decade developing global platforms to facilitate investment in initiatives led by local and indigenous women and girls.

She launched ConnectHER, a fundraising platform to elevate the status of women and girls everywhere. The idea was simple: Build a user-friendly platform to help donors support the work of local grassroots leaders, most of them women. To date, ConnectHER has invested more than $650,000 to support local efforts in more than 25 countries. To expand their reach, she later launched the ConnectHER Film Festival to amplify the voices of girls. As a Muslim American of Lebanese descent who grew up in the Midwest, Igram felt the sting of having outsiders “tell your story.” That experience motivated her to provide a platform for women and girls around the world to have the opportunity to tell their own stories. Since launching the festival with the support of Harvard students and groups in 2012, the festival has received more than 1,200 original short films from 42 countries and given over $175,000 in scholarships.

Lila received a degree in Economics from the University of Iowa and worked for the advocacy organization, FLOW an organization dedicated to the furtherance of the Conscious Capitalism movement. Today, Lila continues her work to create a world where women and girls are seen, heard, and encouraged to reach their full potential.

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