María Regina Martinez Casas

Senior Professor, Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social

María Regina Martínez Casas has a degree in linguistics with a major in neuro psychology, a MD in Social anthropology and a PhD in Anthropological Sciences with a sociolinguistic orientation.

She is senior Professor in the Research and Higher Studies on Social Anthropology Center in Mexico (Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social). She is member of the Nacional Research System and the Mexican Academy of Sciences.

She coordinated the post graduate program in Indoamerican linguistics, she was vice Director of Higher Studies and Academic Decan in CIESAS.

She has been guest researcher in many national and international institutions such as Cambridge University in the UK, the population laboratory in the Centre de Recherche pour le development in Marseille, France and in Princeton University in the US.

Her academic contributions are focused in linguistic development, cultural validity of linguistic and educative policies, indigenous migration and its consequences in the development of identities, education, discrimination and inequalities in Mexico and Latin America from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives.

She has been doing field work among different indigenous peoples and following the linguistic dynamic among Nahuas, Otomíes, Chinantecos, Puréhpecha, Wiraritari and Mixtec peoples. She coordinated in Mexico the Project on Race and Ethnicity in Latin America and the project about the transborder region Mexico-Guatemala. She has written more than 50 specialized papers and books about these themes.

She has been technical advisor in different academic committees and in the Nacional Evaluation Institute for Education and in the Nacional Committee for Indigenous Peoples.

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