Moses Ngware

Senior Research Scientist, Head of Education & Youth Empowerment, African Population & Health Research Center (APHRC)

Ngware is Senior Research Scientist and heads Africa Population and Health Research Centre’s Education and Youth Empowerment Unit. His research work has led to many innovations, for instance, the introduction of classroom observations using digital cameras and assessing teacher pedagogical knowledge in the region. He has used advanced research methods, including mixed methods and RCTs, to generate policy-relevant evidence as well as translate knowledge for policy uptake.  His leadership in education research and evaluations has witnessed the completion of more than 18 impact evaluations and surveys in sub-Saharan Africa that improved policymakers’ understanding of what is happening in the education sector. He is currently engaged with what is happening inside the classroom, how youth transit to workplaces and impact evaluation of education interventions that aim to improve education systems. Ngware has a Ph.D. in Economics of Education from Egerton University, Kenya, and has over 100 different types of scientific publications.

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