Supriya Baily

Associate Professor of Education, George Mason University

Supriya Baily is an activist, a scholar, and an educator. Her work, spanning thirty years, began as a teenager in India as a community organizer and leader. Currently, she is an Associate Professor of Education at George Mason University, focusing social justice issues in education, the marginalization of girls and women in educational policy and practice, and the role of teacher education to address educational inequity. Prior to joining academia, she spent a decade working for development and social justice organizations cementing her lifelong interest to better understand the processes of agency and voice that promote grassroots transformation in marginalized communities. She serves also as the Co-Director for the Center for International Education and is currently the Vice President of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES), where she formerly served as Treasurer. She has co-edited four books, published numerous articles and book chapters, and has secured nearly $2m in collaborative grant partnerships.

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